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Don't Get It Wrong, Check, Check & Check Again.
Before you order please make sure you are ordering the right size, everyone is looking for a different fit so a size chart is really not a good guide because unless you know where to measure in the exact place the measurement can make no sense at all, some like a very snug fit, some with a good amount of room to allow for heavy winter cloths, many to wear over a show jacket or body protector, then there are the Mum's who know their children grow as you blink and want to make sure they get a good amount of wear from it before they grow out of it, This is just on thing that is so great about a blouson jacket.  When you place an order and haven't contacted us first, we have to presume you know what you need lots and lots of you do, if your not sure a good way to help with a decision is to find a similar style jacket and be happy with the fit, so many people have Bronte jackets now maybe you have a friend of a similar size that you could try on, if you are happy with the fit and if the jacket isn't a Bronte but a similar style don't presume the size will match an X Small in the similar jacket will not necessarily mean you will take a Bronte X Small. The next step is to do some measurements and contact us we are here to help.
The best way to measure one of these jackets is to lay the jacket flat on the floor, measure the jacket from seam to seam in a straight line under the arms this will not give a chest size but us a very good idea of which size you will need, the only other measurement needed is neck to hem   This is done by laying the jacket face down and measuring from the seam under the collar to the hem of the jacket, then contact us it doesn’t have to be by email alone, if you prefer email your phone number and a good time to call we will call and discuss with you the size that will fit to your preference.    


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