How to Measure for a Bronte Jacket

In this video, we will show you how to measure for a Bronte jacket.

With or without a body protector.

Size is something all of its own, every brand has its own size specifications, so the safest way to measure, if possible, is from a jacket of a similar style. Even if you have a jacket which is too small, use it as a guide and add the extra on, this makes the job 90% easier.

If you are wanting this jacket to be worn over the top of a body protector, please put this on prior to taking any measurements.

Start by putting on a jacket, if you don’t have a Bronte jacket, any type will do, even a school blazer.

Please scroll down to see the size chart. 

Measurement A - Shoulder and Sleeve

The most important measurement to take is from the shoulder and sleeve. Start from the seam where the collar is attached to the jacket, then go across the shoulder and all the way down the arm. On a Bronte jacket, you want the sleeve to finish at the knuckles. This allows plenty of room whilst riding and working around the yard and stops the sleeve from rising up and being too short.

Measurement B - Body Length

The next measurement to help ensure you choose the right size jacket, is the body length.

This needs to be taken from the back of the jacket. Again, start from the seam where the jacket is attached to the collar, measure from the centre all the way down the back to at least ¾ of the way down the backside. If, you are measuring a child and would like a little extra growing room, measure until it covers the backside.

Measurement C – Seam to Seam across the Body.

This measurement is aimed more towards anyone who needs to wear a body protector underneath their jacket, but always good to double check just and make sure, even if you don't wear a body protector.

The best way to take this measurement is by putting on a jacket (any jacket) over the top of your body protector, which can be done up and gives you enough room to move. Once done, measure the chest of the garment you have just tried on. Do this by zipping the jacket up and laying it facedown with the back towards you. Under each arm, measure from seam to seam.

Bronte jackets are by style very roomy, they have elasticated cuffs and hem so when the jackets are worn and done up the jacket will blouson, making it a very comfortable garment to wear.

Please don't guesstimate to get it right. Once you have decided on the size and it has been embroidered, it cannot be returned. We take no responsibility for a customer’s own choice.
We want to do everything we can to help, but it is the customer who takes responsibility for every decision, be it size or design.

Please remember, if wanting this jacket to be worn over a body protector, you should be wearing one whilst taking measurements.