Story of Mrs C

The story of Mrs C
Mrs  C ordered a 34" jacket for her daughter.  The order was made directly through the shop without any contact with us; we will always presume the customer has full knowledge of purchase if an order is made in this way. Mrs C only contacted us when she received her jacket "I ordered a size 34 she said it doesn't measure 34" it doesn't fit, it's huge it should measure 34". My husband is 6' he can get into it, I was amazed at this comment I'm sure you are all aware If you order a 34" jacket it is designed to fit someone with a 34" chest,  the jacket will not measure 34" as a pattern is made to allow movement and is also subject to style, this jacket is a blouson style (very loose fitting) loose fitting and has in design terms a dropped shoulder as can be seen in the pictures the shoulder seam sits a 1/4 of the waydown the arm, again making it loose fitting with enough room to fit various layers of clothing underneath for winter as this is designed to be worn all year.  According to size some wear their jacket over a show jacket.  Only trousers are made to fit a measurement,  24" waist the trouser or breech should measure 24". I'd like to see a 6' man in a childs 34" jacket they may be roomy but they are not magic, Don't take a chance on size we are happy to offer advice measure individual jackets whatever it takes to get you the right size.